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The DRAFT 2016 PHAA National Championship Show Program
The draft program for our 2016 National Show, to be held 24th to 30th April, 2016 at SIEC in Tamworth NSW. Bump-in day is Saturday 23rd. Start times in the evenings will be confirmed when entries are closed. A final program will be released in the New Year!

We welcome your feedback or comments, please email us or comment on our Facebook page

Download DRAFT 2016 PHAA National SHow Program

Points Update

Your points are now online accessible through the Horse Enquiry form portal on the Studbook. Thanks to the team at ABRI who support the database (and us) for working with Jessica and the Board to make it happen for everyone. Any queries about your points, please email - please note she only works three days per week so you may not get an immediate response.

2015 YISC Stallion Service Sale - Last days!

Be quick! The YISC Half Price Stallion Service Sale closes at the end of next week (30th October). There are still some great stallions on offer at bargain prices. Go to the YISC page for latest information

Weighted Tails

The Board has agreed (by majority decision vote of seven for and one against) that the maximum weight for a false tail will be one kilogram, an increase from the initial 500 gram limit set.

There was some discussion re the enforcing of the new limit but as with the majority of the show and contest rules, they are self-regulating. We rely on the competitor to abide by the completion rules and as with all regulations that are knowingly breached, they would be dealt with as laid down in the show and competition rules.

Immediate Rule Change

Rule 111. Genetic Testing

Current rule 111. "(d) All hair samples for testing are to be submitted to the Australian Equine Genetics Research Laboratory (AERGC) or any other organisation that the PHAA designates."

Amended rule 111. "(d) All hair samples for testing are to be submitted to the Australian Equine Genetics Research Centre (AEGRC) through the PHAA or any other organisation that the PHAA designates. Any sample submitted for DNA testing to the PHAA and subsequently the AEGRC and the resulting DNA profile remain the property of the PHAA."

Explanation: This change has been brought about by the AERGC who requested the clarification be made. They are responsible to the organization who requested the DNA profile not the owner of the horse from which the DNA sample was taken.

AGM Proposed Motion - Rule 3.

Following sub paragraph (f)

Insert new heading and allocate sub paragraph numbering to existing membership types:
"Types of memberships:
(a) Life member: (as written)
(b) Full member: (as written)
(c) Constituent member: (as written)
(d) Family members: (as written)
(e) Junior youth member: (as written)
(f) Senior youth member: (as written)"

Insert new (g) and (h)
"(g) Associate member: For a person who no longer own or show a paint horse and wish to remain associated with the PHAA or who have never owned a paint horse but who wish to be associated with the PHAA. Membership will entail voting privileges and a journal.
(h) Introductory membership: For a person who has never been a member of the PHAA and is considering the purchase of or has just purchased a paint horse. Membership will entail all privileges of a full membership. Introductory membership is only for the initial 12 months or part thereof when first joining the PHAA after which full membership must be purchased."

(Schedule of fees will need to be amended to incorporate the changes and both Associate and Introductory memberships will be set at $95)

Some of our 2011 Photo Competition entries