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PHAA Rules and Regulations


PHAA Rule Book 2016 PHAA Rule Book 2016 (821 KB)

Recommendation For Rule Change form Recommendation For Rule Change form (40 KB)

Importantant Note: 
  • The PHAA Rule Book is updated once a year in August, all proposed rule changes will be published in the journal prior.
  • Immediate Rule Changes are implemented by the Board to clarify or better allow administration of existing rules.
  • Recommended Rules Changes may be put forward by the Board or by individual members. They will be published in the Paint Horse Journal and comment invited from the general membership. If approved they will be ratified by the Board and implemented on 1st August following their publication in the Journal.
  • Members are encouraged to make their opinions of the proposed rules changes known to the Board - either FOR or AGAINST - as this will influence the Board's decision on the Proposed Rule Change.


PHAA Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association PHAA Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (397 KB)

(PHAA Articles may only be changed by a 75% majority vote at an AGM. Any changes must also be compliant with The Australian Corporations Act)


PHAA Bylaws PHAA Bylaws (123 KB)

(PHAA Bylaws are passed by a 50% majority vote at a General Meeting of the members and may only be amended by vote at a subsequent General Meeting of the members.)


PHAA Policy and Guidelines 2016 PHAA Policy and Guidelines 2016 (416 KB)

(This is a working document and subject to change.)

Showing Rules and Regulations

PHAA shows are run under the Horse Show Association of Australia (HSAA) rules as well as PHAA rules. A show rule book may be obtained from the HSAA for a small fee. All showing PHAA members should be familiar with the requirements of these rules and are encouraged to have a copy of the rule book for their own reference.

Proposed Rule Changes

Proposed Rule Changes are published in the Paint Horse Journal. Comment is invited from members on all rule changes - for or against. The Board of Directors will consider all feedback from members when deciding on these rules at the last BOD meeting prior to 1st August, each year.

The following Proposed Rule Changes will be implement on 1 August 2017 if there are no objections. 

Rule 217 (A) add to Category 10

Riding for the Disabled Classes – walk jog events only.

These will be eligible for High point calculations

RDA High Point Rider
RDA High Point by State
RDA Rider Top Ten



(a) All mares, geldings and stallions eligible for registration and registered with the APHA and/or an overseas Paint Horse Association shall be eligible for registration with the PHAA if they meet all the guidelines of the PHAA Registry.


5. DNA markers for all horses



f) All paint horses must be DNA typed at the time of registration.



a) remove ‘except those horses which qualify under Rule 101 (a)

h) All solid horses must be DNA typed at the time of registration.



Add 250 Hours


Amend to read

First Paragraph

PHAA members who qualify under Rule 237 as an Amateur, will be considered a Masters Amateur from the date of their 50th birthday. Proof of age will be required on application by providing a copy of Drivers License or Birth Certificate.

And add after Paragraph 7

All points accrued from competing in Amateur or Masters Amateur Classes will be compiled under the Masters Amateur title.

Immediate Rule Changes

The following Rule Changes have been included in the current and revised edition of the PHAA Rule Book August 2016.

Immediate rule change 126 - Prefix or Stud Name Immediate rule change 126 - Prefix or Stud Name (54 KB)

Immediate Rule Change category Immediate Rule Change category (81 KB)


AGM Notice of Motion Rule Changes

MOTION 1 - Article 8 Membership Dues

AMEND Article 8 and insert new Article 8

8. All annual subscriptions to become due and payable in advance on the first day of August in every year.

MOTION 2 – Article 9 Membership Dues

AMEND - replace Company Secretary with Office Manager

If the subscription of any member shall remain unpaid for a period of two calendar months after it has become due then the member may, after notice of the default shall have been sent to them by the Office Manager be debarred from all privileges of membership in their name. Their name may be removed from the register of members provided that the Board may, if it deems fit to, reinstate the member and restore their name to the register upon payment of all arrears.

MOTION 3 – Notice of Motion Policy & Guidelines - Registration

AMEND Section 1 and insert paragraph

All PHAA Paint Bred (Solid) registered fillies/mares and colts/stallions which are “certified as carry any” paint specific gene (including by not limited to OWLS, Tobiano, Splashed White 1,2,3 Sabino) should be granted the same status for breeding and progeny registration (only) as regular registered horses.  

NB: This motion will allow the rules 108 (c) and 109 (a) to be updated to reflect these changes